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Jasmine Liaw is a queer emerging Chinese Hakka Canadian interdisciplinary artist in dance performance, new media art, and experimental film. Bicoastal, she is based in so-called Toronto and Vancouver.


Her practice explores her complex contemporary views of Hakka diaspora, queerness, and environmental anxiety.

She is the Artistic Associate of Chimerik 似不像, a member of Dias:Stories - a Toronto-based Asian-centred research group, and Shoes Off Collective - an emerging artist community centred within the Asian Diaspora. In 2020, she graduated with Distinction at the Conteur Academy in Toronto.


She is the current artist-in-residence with F-O-R-M Recorded Movement Society’s Technology and Interaction Program. Some of her recent collaborations and presentations include The Asian Artist Culture and Trust/Holt Renfrew, Vector Festival, MPCAS/Grunt Gallery, RT Collective Commission Film Program in partnership with Toronto Dance Theatre, in conjunction with Chimerik's project "Ritual Spective,” and adelheid dance projects.

Her practice explores intersectional connections that branch dance and new media landscapes within her Hakka diaspora, queerness, and environmental anxiety. These themes are often entangled as one, aligning with the multiplicity and vulnerability she offers in her work. Through these intimate relationships between the body and the digital world, she seeks to unearth her mixed-race, queer identity with immersive and interactive technologies that challenge the integration of new media art. Liaw prioritizes research over outcome and is deeply interested in meaningful utilizations of dance-technology. Reducing her carbon-footprint through the engagement with sustainable technologies and virtual art making is critical to Liaw's practice, as she prioritizes these acts of care within the gestures and movement explored in her body.


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