Jasmine Liaw is an emerging Chinese-Canadian interdisciplinary artist in dance performance, new media art, and film.


Bicoastal, she lives and works in so-called Toronto and Vancouver.


Within her practice, she hopes to expand her knowledge in documenting movement, and experiment with the human body as a vessel for versatile art forms. As an emerging artist, Jasmine is compelled to explore her curiosities within the realm of her own colour-tinged emotions and experiences.

In 2020, she graduated with Distinction at the Conteur Academy in Toronto, under the artistic direction of Eryn Waltman. Her film work has been screened with Rumble Theatre (Canada), Dawson City International Film Festival (Canada), the F-O-R-M Festival of Recorded Movement in Vancouver (Canada), Green Mountain International Film Festival (USA), Aeris Körper’s PROSPECTS (Canada), The Garage Toronto (Canada), and The Holy Art Gallery (UK). Gallery and publication works include Florence Contemporary Gallery (Italy), Visual Arts Mississauga (Canada), Fragmented Magazine (USA), and Quarantine Qapsule partnered with Emily Carr University Library, Lonely Artists Productions, and Myseum of Toronto (Canada). This year, she is a 2022 ArtworkxTO Spotlight Artist. Jasmine is a member of Chimerik 似不像 Collective, working in interdisciplinary research and creation.