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PLASTIC CLIMBS (2021-2022)

'plastic climbs' is a movement documentation capturing the multiplicity a mixed-Asian woman holds in her body. As a gnomic media art video, various dimensions and forms of self emerge within a flashing pastel space. The sound is curated to seem alarming against the fragility of the moving body and her plastic extensions. The camera peers over her, surveys her, sensualizes her. Re-generating her generation, she reclaims ideas of delicacy as the phenomenological outlet; to the ownership of her body.

 projected outside with Dawson City International Film Festival in the Yukon
exhibited with Visual Mississauga Gallery 'Now Streaming'
the Florence Contemporary Gallery (Italy)
The Holy Art Gallery (UK)
the OCADU ADA Slaight Gallery with the Asian Artists Collective
published in Fragmented Magazine (NYC)



This same sense of play and exploration is taken into consideration with the same sensorial elements. My work often utilizes transparency effects that compare with the materialities I incorporate like plastic, glass, cellophane, light, and even water.


DYNAMICS - Working with Layers

Working with the moving body within the digital realm of the moving image. There is a sense of liveness that is transferred/transcribed into the post-production digital world.
My work is inspired by sensory awarenesses.

TEXTURE - Analog to Digital

These sensory elements influence the form of the landscape of the moving body. This connects to the paralinguistic side of communication happening between what is being researched between material and body.



Relating with materials — contorting the body creates sensitive imagery that transpires new outlooks concerning the relationship of materialities.


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