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Made from dried hand sanitizer clothes, this series experiments with space by documenting sites where I felt the most fulfilled within my own body movement during COVID-19. This process allowed me as the artist to unearth and understand my past experiences during such a timeless period of history. The eccentric colours embody the overwhelming uncertainty during quarantine and isolation. As a collection of documented memory and imaginative memory in natural places of hope, the sites are critical to this work.

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at
Ink on Hand Sanitizer Clothes

'Ink on Hand Sanitizer Clothes' is showcased in the online archive exhibition Quarantine Qapsule partnered with Emily Carr University Library, Lonely Artists Productions, and Myseum of Toronto (Canada) and Purple Glow Collective's 2021 (@purpleglowcollective) 'Bloom Festival.'


@ecu_library Virtual Repository in Partnership with @lonelyartistsproductions 

Under the #quarantineqapsule this exhibition represents Asian-Canadian digital art archives.

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