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xīn nī 廖芯妮

xīn nī 廖芯妮 (“understanding you”) is an intimate auto-ethnographic portrait expressed through dance and digital technologies. Liaw engages in intergenerational conversations with her family and community to transform the linguistic divide between her Chinese name and its Hakka translation into a space for healing. Drawing on themes of decolonizing queerness to emphasize self-love and self-curiosity, the work explores both physical and technological attachments. Bodies made up of 3D-rendered cultural objects hold space for the stories of Liaw’s elders, while expanding the growing web of her ancestral knowledge.


Commissioned by: RT Collective co-presented with Toronto Dance Theatre

in conjunction with Chimerik 似不像 Collective’s project, Ritual-Spective 迴融

a film by: Jasmine Liaw

Executive Creative Collaborator: William Liaw

Featuring the Voice of: William Liaw & Anne Leong

DP and Cinematography by: Aysia Tse, Jasmine Liaw

Assistant Camera Operator: Dee Luu

Sound Design and Assistant Set Designer/Camera Operator: Dino Hajdarovac

Photogrammetry/3D Capture Assistants: Aysia Tse, Jenaya Liaw, William Liaw

Motion Capture Advisor: Immony Mèn (Public Visualization Lab and Dia:Stories)

Choreography/Performance/Motion Capture Dance Artist: Jasmine Liaw

Archival Footage provided by: William Liaw

Editor: Jasmine Liaw

Dramaturgical and Technological Supervisor: Immony Mèn (OCAD University)

Creative Mentorship: Sammy Chien (Chimerik 似不像)


International Examiner

Northwest Film Forum

Asian Arts and Culture Trust in partnership with HOLT RENFREW

Akimbo - EDAA Award 2023

EDAA - Canada’s Emerging Digital Artist Award

Do 604 - XINEMA

Mile Zero Dance

York Centre for Asian Research

Sundance Submissions

Screenings/Exhibitions: (in order of public presentation)

Screen:Moves commission by RT Collective, Toronto

Oneness Festival, Toronto

Grunt Gallery/Mount Pleasant Community Screen Annual Program 2023, Vancouver

Asian Arts and Culture Trust exhibition with HOLT RENFREW, Toronto

Vector Festival presented by Interaccess, Toronto

Mile Zero Dance, Edmonton

UrbanSpace Gallery, Toronto

Femme Fatale Festival, Toronto

Liminul Festival, Toronto

Experimental Series, Salt Lake City, US

XINEMA Program 10 presented by VIFF, Vancouver

Local Sightings Film Festival presented by Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, US

Pleasure Dome, Toronto

Emerging Digital Artist Award presented by EQ Bank and Trinity Square Video, Canada

Focal Points Exhibition exhibited by EQ Bank and Trinity Square Video, Toronto

Images Festival (April 2024, Toronto)

A part of the Asian Artist Culture (AACT) and Trust within their Bitten Peach project at HOLT RENFREW Yorkdale, Toronto in the form of a Capsule Exhibition running between May 25 - June 11, 2023 as well as on AACT’s Manifesto Space online exhibition.

Manifesto Space’s inaugural exhibition, The Bitten Peach: Decolonizing Queer Asians, is a group exhibition curated by Shengyu Cai and explores the intersectionality of Asian and queer identities through various artistic mediums.

Footage from Mount Pleasant Community Screen (Grunt Gallery) 2023

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