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an interdisciplinary performance exploring queerness through dreamscapes

5.fulless is an experimental interdisciplinary performance that emulates the complexity of queerness and identity through dreamstates. As a collaborative piece, audiences explore a participatory digital dimension where two movement artists meet - as if they are both arriving in a lucid dream space.

A note from the creators:

"By stripping away this face to face connection, 5.fulless plays within the space of "meaningful" and "meaningless" - creating a safe, inclusive space for audiences to become whomever they dream of and challenge what it means to be an audience member. We believe that giving audience members the option to anonymously become part of the performance is integral to producing virtual human connections and highlighting stories of identity and queerness into a digital dream space.


As part of our research we will be spending time journaling and researching composition of dreams & simulation theory, we are exploring a digital space that is interconnected by movement art, poetic text, and meditative visualizations. As a team of young females working in technology, this project holds importance within our own identities and how we are emerging as digital dance artists."

A Chimerik 似不像 Project

Co Creators: Jasmine Liaw and Caroline MacCaull

Sound Designer/Performer: Dino Hajdarovac

Web Programming Support: Steven Kobza

Movement Mentor: Zsakira Del Col

New Media Advisor: Sammy Chien

Dramaturg/Artistic Consultant: Heidi Strauss

New Media Outside Eye: Omar Rivero/Driftnote

New Media Operator/Documentation Assistant: Brigita Gedgaudas


This research and creation project is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.


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